The IGCSE Facilities

TWINS Education is a leading IGCSE (International Graduate Examination Exchange) center that concentrates on IGCSE and A- Level’s tuition. Tertiary level teaching including ACAT, exam centers, local tutors, and evening and weekend courses are available. Over 80% of all students taking IGCSE have scored straight A’s on their IGCSE exams. All tuition fees are based on the individual student’s ability and schedule.

IGCSE Centre

A great number of people choose to take their IGCSE exams whilst they are employed. There are many advantages to this. Firstly it is often easier to find a suitable class because of the additional exposure to potential teachers and classmates. This would be particularly important if you were taking your A level or E-level exams whilst employed at a large London school with a large A level intake.

In addition, taking IGCSE and A- Levels from a center that specializes in these exams allows you to receive tuition that will prepare you more effectively for your exams. Many and A level Cambridge centers offer a dedicated tuition support service for those looking to improve their grades. This will mean that you receive one-on-one tuition and help with any questions that you may have. It can also save you money as most centers offer a combined program of tuition and study time, along with free practical and laboratory training, and exam papers.

Students that take their exams at a Cambridge IGCSE center will be prepared for the examination by having taken part in a fully-stocked library of IGCSE textbooks and IELTS practice papers. You will be provided with a designated examiner who will give you a comprehensive tuition review. This includes guidance on IELTS preparation and exam theory. During this time you will learn IELTS structure, practice tests and exam theory. You will also be given a syllabus to read during your tutorial session. This enables you to proceed confidently through your IELTS and A level examinations.

Cambridge IGCSE centres make it easy to obtain IELTS and A level examinations. Students can choose from a choice of locations that house one or multiple IELTS study centres. They will be able to choose their schedule to enable them to study at times that are convenient to them, such as evenings and weekends. The location of a centre will be based on the location of the students accommodation and most will be located close to main roads.

There are many reasons that a student wants to take their IELTS and A level examinations. The first reason is that it is an excellent opportunity to gain English qualifications and a wonderful achievement to show home country parents and relatives. In addition, pupils may want to take their English qualifications with them when they enter secondary school in the United Kingdom or when they begin university. The availability of specialist tutors at IGCSE Centres makes this possible. However, there are other reasons that IGCSE centres are popular when it comes to providing students with IELTS and A level examinations.

The IGCSE centre at Cambridge offers students a convenient location to study their IELTS and A level examinations. Students can choose from the centre’s dedicated English language and IELTS study programmes. They can choose to study for the IELTS at their centre for IELTS Pre-Pearls, IELTS General, IELTS Combined or at the Institute of Languages, Language and Education (ELTE) in Cambridge. The availability of study programmes at various dates means that students can schedule their courses around other aspects of their lives, such as evenings and weekends.

When it comes to the IELTS and A level examinations, then the facilities and equipment at the IGCSE are outstanding. The centres offer state-of-the art computer systems, large class rooms and conference rooms, which are perfect for conducting seminars and presentations. Many of the centres even offer television and multimedia equipment. Some schools may not provide televisions, computers and other media equipment and other facilities, but some IGCSE centres do. Therefore, before a student wants to join IGCSE, they should research whether the school has these essential facilities and equipment.