A story about changing the capabilities of fashion, forever. 

One day in Rome.

Born with a passion for the stars, Nadia Najihah spent her days gazing up at the constellations

As a young foreign girl on the streets of Rome, she was always fascinated by the divine radiance and beauty emanated by Greek Goddesses

She wondered if she could revive their beauty that was lost in the ages. With that, she began a 6 year endeavor across Greece, learning from the best fashion designers she could, while also learning from local silk weavers.

This led her to try infusing the silk she used to weave dresses, with various minerals and ores. What she found was astonishing. Each dress absorbed the beauty of each mineral causing divine properties worthy of a Goddess

the Fashion World

Since establishing Ethereal Elegance in 2010...

Nadia has taken the world by storm, causing a massive stroke of inspiration to fashion designers out there to go on their own journey of discovery. 

With more than 35 boutiques around the world, and 67 exclusive dresses designed, Nadia is still looking for ways to channel the beauty of the Goddesses into her work. 

it started with four.

Meet The Weavers

Our weavers began in a humble team of four, spending years perfecting their weaving techniques to create a dress worthy of an goddess. Combining fashion with innovation, they succeeded.

Become a Weaver!

Wanna learn to weave like us?

Send your application here! Whether you're experienced or not, come join us if you are passionate about fashion and Greek mythology.

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Nadia Najihah

Founder and Dress Weaver

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Betty Richards

Head Artist