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Ethereal Elegance

Travel back in time to dresses that once graced the halls of divine goddesses

Divine Beauty

Blessed by the Goddesses

Feel the ethereal silky smooth glide of our  laced dresses in the most awe-inspiring fashion miracles ever

Don’t dress to impress, dress in the best when you wear our outfits. Simple, Elegant, Divine.

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Noctis Lucis


the peak of midnight fashion, created with lustrous dark silk infused with gold, perfect for a midnight ball

Call of Ares


For those who seek a daring experience, Call of Ares is the pinnacle of sexy fashion. Infused with red pearls, this dress will actually glow a faint red under moonlight



Pristine and Straight-forward. Wearing our pearl-infused silk feels like thin air.

Daughter of Zeus


Innovative fashion weaving has allowed us to create a weightless dress that creates layers the longer you wear it. For ease of use, each layer can then be tucked under each other, reverting the dress back to normal size.

bohemian, chick, woman

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Blessing of Aphrodite

01 March 21 – 01 April 21

Radiance You Can Feel

Our dresses don’t just look divine, but feel divine as well. Each infusion creates a different sensation on your skin and your soul. You have to experience it to believe it

"They have made the impossible, possible"
- Cal Seera, Fashion Designer
"I've never felt a dress like this before"
- Aaliyah Tasha, Model
"One touch and I knew this was different"
- John Peters, Dress Weaver
"It's not just a dress, it's an experience"
- Laura Brighton,