How to Find a Psychologist in Malaysia

It’s not just you searching for a profession as a Malaysian Psychologist. You might be curious about how much the wages of Clinical Psychologists are, and how you can get an opportunity to work in this field. Which is the best Psychologist for your needs in Malaysia? Keep reading to know more about this profession! Find the perfect Psychologist for you by taking these steps:


A licensed counsellor isn’t the same as a registered psychologist in Malaysia. There are many distinctions between these professionals. Although registered counsellors can offer assessment and talk therapy they’re not certified, psychologists. They are not qualified to determine or conduct psychopathology tests. Contrary to psychologists, a counsellor does not prescribe medications for mental health concerns. There are distinct requirements to becoming a certified counsellor within each nation. The following are some of the things you should consider when selecting the right counsellor.

Psychologists aid people suffering from emotional issues. These types of psychologists work in an established practice or on their own. These psychologists face many challenges when they deal with diverse populations. They are required to work together and provide important questions throughout the evaluation. Psychologists can also collaborate alongside psychiatrists in treating mental illness. The field can be very fulfilling with lots of possibilities and challenges to take ahead. Here are a few aspects to take into consideration when selecting the right clinical psychologist

A Psychologist Working In Malaysia

There are two types of psychologists available in Malaysia There are two types of psychologists in Malaysia: clinical psychologists as well as registered counsellors. Both types of psychologists have the ability to deliver mental health services, the former has the most advanced education, and is able to conduct psychological assessments and diagnoses. Registered counsellors aren’t licensed, psychologists. They are not qualified to offer treatment or prescribe medications. There is a difference between these two is crucial to know, particularly if you’re considering becoming a clinical psychologist.

For the purpose of practising clinical psychology to practise clinical psychology in Malaysia psychologists need to be registered with the Allied Health Professions Council. To practice psychotherapy, psychologists are required to have a PhD as well as a certification of competency. Counsellors are required to register in Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia, which regulates counselling services across the nation. Registration isn’t required for other kinds of psychologists. Although this is the requirement for a licensed clinical psychologist, a Master’s degree can also land you employment as an assistant to therapy.

A Clinical Psychologist’s Salary In Malaysia

A clinical psychologist from Malaysia is a registered psychologist who offers psychological care for clients. They often work in conjunction with psychiatrists. The professionals employ a range of methods of assessment and psychological testing in order to establish a diagnosis. They also must follow a set path and ask pertinent questions throughout assessments. To protect patients the Malaysian clinical psychologist is required to adhere to a variety of regulations and rules. The pay of a clinical psychologist in Malaysia differs from state to state, so they must look into the ranges of salaries for similar jobs.

Psychologists are in high demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the number of psychologists will rise by 22 per cent between 2010 and 2020. Psychologists who specialize in special education with professional training in clinical are in greatest demand. They’re often needed to aid people with disabilities. Clinical psychologists’ salaries in Malaysia can vary based on their experience and where they reside. However, in general, the salary rises for psychologists working in clinical settings in Malaysia are quite modest.

The Path To Become A Clinical Psychologist In Malaysia

A career as a clinical psychologist requires a combination of academic training and professional job experience. A master’s degree in psychology is needed to qualify as a Malaysian clinical psychologist. It allows you to enter this highly skilled profession. There are two universities in Malaysia offering postgraduate qualification Master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology: UKM (the public university owned by the state) and HELP University College (a private higher learning institute).

Before beginning your postgraduate studies prior to beginning your postgraduate studies, you must have completed your master’s degree. Although a master’s degree is required to be a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist, some people prefer to concentrate on specific areas. While completing your master’s degree as well as practicums, you can help you develop those networking abilities that are essential to be successful in the future. Sign up with relevant organizations to prove your qualifications in this field.