Dresses of Divine Beauty

Our Catalogue.

Forged from the ancient minerals, our dresses are woven with light of the Goddesses

Only Silk Infuser
in the Fashion World

An Ancient Technique

We use silk dresses as a foundation, which are then infused with a variety of minerals, that when placed just right, imbue each dress with divine properties such as texture, radiance, and colours beyond imagination

Black Dahlia

$ 65

Light of Perseus


Sin of Hades




our most sought after dress. Infused with intricate coral pieces light as a feather, that lets the dress shine like the seafloor. A miracle in fashion.

Call of Ares


For those who seek a daring experience, Call of Ares is the pinnacle of sexy fashion. Infused with red pearls, this dress will actually glow a faint red under moonlight

of Zeus


Innovative fashion weaving has allowed us to create a weightless dress that creates layers the longer you wear it. For ease of use, each layer can then be tucked under each other, reverting the dress back to normal size.

Noctis Lucis


the peak of midnight fashion, created with lustrous dark silk infused with gold, perfect for a midnight ball

Classical Pearl


Pristine and Straight-forward. Wearing our pearl-infused silk feels like thin air.

Artemis's Hunt


a dress for the brave, infused with quartz-silk threads that gives your skin a faint fiery glow. Heat up the room with this fashion statement.


Athena Scrunchies

Pearl silk-infused 


Bangle of Boreas

Crystal silk-infused for cooling aura


Plain Bracelet


Arm Sleeves

Perseus Braces

Golden silk-infused sleeves with radiance


Olympus Sleeves

Obsidian silk-infused fashionable sleeves


Plain Sleeves